Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of
For students, makes learning the basic math facts fun! Students are motivated to improve through our results tab, where they can clearly see their progress over time. Students also receive motivational awards in their trophy case based on their effort and skill.

For teachers and school administrators, provides a wealth of math fact data for all registered students at a quick glance. Teachers in particular will rejoice at the prospect of never having to give (or grade) a paper/pencil timed test again. With a price of about one dollar per student, in many cases will actually save a district more money in copying expenses than it actually costs!
What are the different pricing options for individual students, families with multiple students, classrooms, and entire schools?
All of our prices are based on an annual subscription: your account(s) will remain active for one year from the date of purchase.

An annual subscription for an individual account is $5.99 (1 user), a family account (up to 4 individual users) is $9.99, and a classroom account (up to 30 individual users) is $39.99. Once a classroom account has been purchased, any number of additional students may be added for just $1 per student. (An annual school-wide account with 250 students, therefore, would cost $39.99 for the first 30 students and $220 for the remaining 220 students, for $259.99 in all.)
How do students log in so their work can be recorded?
When a teacher (or parent) purchases an account, they must log in and enter their students’ names one time only. Once that is complete, a unique username and password will be generated for each student. That serves as the student’s unique login, allowing us to track his/her math results over time.
Can teachers view all of their students’ results?
Yes. A teacher (or school administrator) can view all of their students’ results, both collectively and individually, in the “Results” tab of their classroom account.
I have other questions. How can I contact
Please contact us via email at